Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We are coming down to the wire on the issue of Health care reform.

The first part is an excerpt from a letter from an old friend of mine whose been working in the health care field over 50 years.

When the Congress gets these bills in motion in the next few weeks, the health care committees in this nation, who have fought so long and so hard, will be analyzing them and needing us folks to get to our representatives to express our opinions...and we will need to do it RAPIDLY.

Therefore, I have promised my colleagues that I would make a serious attempt to put a "Rapid Response team" together.
I would ask you to contact your representatives as quickly as possible (either phone OR e-mail...or Twitter or Facebook...or any new-fangled way you know about)

Then to call 10 friends, and get them to do the same (if you only have 5 friends..that will do!)

If you click on the following sites, you will get all the contact info you need for your Senators/& Congressional representatives United States House of Reps Member Listing (by State) U.S. Senate: Senators Home

I am enclosing the Principles (see below)that I am supporting, along with Our you know exactly where I stand

If you do not believe that our health care system is broken, please come and visit me...I will take you to the FREE Clinic, where 2 nights a week, the WORKING POOR go for their health care, supplied by VOLUNTEERS and DONATIONS.

This is AMERICA folks...All of our people have a RIGHT to decent health care!
I send you all love and Thanks for your listening!
Praying you will all respond!

Live simply. Love generously
Care deeply. Speak kindly.
Leave the rest to God.

President Obama has 3 core principles that will guide health care reform.
They are:
1. To reduce rising healthcare costs for families, business, and government.
• American families and small businesses are being crushed by sky-rocketing health
care costs and they are losing the choices they value most. Every day in America
families are forced to choose a different doctor because their employer can no
longer afford the old plan. No longer should people have to decide to skip a
doctor’s visit or medication that they know they need because they can’t afford
the payment.
2. To allow all patients choice in their own coverage and their own doctor.
• President Obama is committed to health care reform that guarantees Americans
their health care choice. He has consistently said that if a family likes what they
have, they will be able to keep it under health care reform. The president will
support health care reform that builds on the existing employer-based system but
also supports providing Americans with the option for public health insurance
operating alongside private plans. This would provide a better range of choices,
make the health care market more competitive, and keep insurance companies
3. To ensure that quality, affordable healthcare is available to all Americans.
• Any successful reform will emphasize quality care over quantity. President Obama
has called for reform that would; provide technology to doctors for medical
research boost prevention and wellness so that Americans are healthier and
everyone saves money, rapidly expand computerized medical records with strong
privacy protections, that would reduce needless and costly paperwork, and
provide doctors with the best, most up-to-date information to reduce medical
errors, saving lives and money.

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