Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Letter to the Editor: Times Union (Albany), NY) 9/16/06

As someone whose primary modes of transportation are the bicycle and the bus, I was pleased, no, thrilled to read the August 22 story about bicycle racks being placed on all of the CDTA full-size route buses.
I have, on occasion, taken advantage of the Catch a Bikeable Bus program since it was instituted six years ago, but often, I found it frustrating as well. The original program was supposed to have racks on every bus on certain designated routes, but the truth is, sometimes a #10 or #12 bus would arrive without one, and if one were counting on that particular bus, it was most maddenening.
Let me describe as typical workday now: I take the bikeable bus and my daughter to day care near New Scotland Avenue. I ride my bike to the YMCA and play racquetball. Take a bikeable bus to Corporate Woods, getting off at the first stop, then riding to my work destination. At the end of the day, I can either ride or bike home, depending on my energy level.
It used to be if rain were in the forecast, I would just take the bus. Now, unless rain is scheduled for all day, I'll take the bike on the bus and ride when possible.
So, thanks to CDTA for a civilized solution to my transportation issues.

Roger Green

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